For the Angler & Boater Overview

Delavan Lake, located midway between the large metropolitan areas of Milwaukee and Chicago, attracts local recreational users as well as visitors from distant areas of Wisconsin and surrounding states. A significant portion of the "day use" visitors to Delavan Lake are anglers and the remaining are pleasure boaters.

The Town of Delavan Park has a public access boat launch and vehicle storage area which can accommodate over 100 vehicle/boat trailer combinations. This launch area is heavily used all summer with fishing enthusiasts arriving early in the morning and the pleasure boaters later in the day.

It is our goal to provide information in this section that will enable those of us that use and value Delavan Lake  to preserve and protect it for future generations. We will provide general information on the recreational opportunities available and details about using the Town Launch site. 

The most reliable and comprehensive information on fishing and using Wisconsin's waters can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

Lake Picture