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Lift Station Upgrade Project

In early 2008, the District contracted with a consulting engineering firm to provide inspections and condition analyses for all 13 of the District's Lift Stations. These 30-year-old critical components of our system had seen no major upgrades with the exception of replacing pumps and motors. We were experiencing serious problems with the float control systems as well as the communication systems.

The report recommended a number of upgrades to be completed over the next few years. The most urgent was the upgrade of the outdated monitoring and communication systems. These function to monitor and alert us of any problems at the Lift Stations so that the person on call can check on it immediately. This SCADA upgrade work is complete and we have the security of knowing that the system will be almost "fail safe". We also have a higher level of information about the pumping systems and wet well status at each station.

Other priority recommendations were related to specific problems at specific lift stations as well as structural changes, which were needed to meet Federal Safety Requirements. The float control system upgrades are under way and required structural work is being contracted as prioritized.


Wet well construction as part of the Lift Station upgrade

                                              Wet well construction as part of the Lift Station upgrade