Collection System

Access, Easements and Public Awareness

If you have read the previous material you can see how important it has been to inform the community and specific residents of our operations and what we are doing near their property. In our Fall 2007, Newsletter we attempted to let people know that we would be out there marking manholes and visiting portions of our system that had not received attention in many years. We take every opportunity to talk to people that we meet while checking the system and explain what we are doing. When we have to dig up one of our manholes over which improvements have been placed we try to coordinate the work with the landowner. Remember that all of our sanitary sewer collection and pumping systems lie within easements, which provide the District with perpetual access. There are many locations where private improvements will have to be removed so that we can maintain our system. We will work with residents to coordinate our work wherever possible.


Buried manhole