Collection System


The Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District (Walcomet) was created by DNR order in 1974 to include all territory within the corporate limits of Elkhorn and the area served by the Delavan Lake Sanitary District. Subsequent to the original order, further actions added those areas, which now comprise the present service area of Walcomet. Those areas are: Walworth County Institutions, the City of Delavan, the Village of Williams Bay, The Town of Walworth Utility District No. 1 (Inspiration Ministries), Geneva National Sanitary District, the Village of Darien, the Town of Darien Utility District No. 1 (Pioneer Estates Mobile Home Park), Lake Como Sanitary and the Mallard Ridge Landfill.

Walcomet is a Municipal Corporation governed by five Commissioners and has various powers to plan and construct sewerage facilities; to engage in solid wastes management; and to finance its projects by special assessments, general obligation bonds, mortgage revenue bonds and tax levies.

Walcomet treats the sewage from the above members of their District and charges according to a rate chart which includes Volume, BOD, Suspended Solids and Nitrogen. The excess volume of unpolluted wastewater that is conveyed to and through the Delavan Lake Sanitary District's system is charged the same rate as if it were raw sewage.

We are also charged per customer unit and for each individual connection.

Walcomet produces an annual report, which details information regarding operations and maintenance.