DLSD Profile

Customer Service

We consider our customers to be not only the residents for whom we provide wastewater collection services, but also all members of the Delavan Lake Community and visiting Lake users. In addition to these direct customers we have responsibilities to local, state and federal agencies for monitoring, sampling and maintaining conformance with grant and permit conditions, as well as compliance with regulations governing our operations.

Much of the information about our services is available on the Customers page as well as forms, permit application information etc.

In an attempt to provide information and educational materials to our Lake Community we are building an information “Library” here at the office.  It will take the form of actual books on lake related topics which will be available for people to check out; copies of pamphlets and brochures which will be available as handouts for groups and organizations; reference information that will be available to assist people looking for outside informational resources; and of course this website, as it evolves will be a source for information on Sanitary District Operation, Lake Protection and Management as well as other related or timely topics.