DLSD Profile

Strategies and Goals

Strategy One

To deliver timely and cost effective maintenance, upgrades and expansion of the collection system.


  • Prepare a system maintenance management plan
  •  Integrate GIS technology into operations
  • Secure easements and necessary system access
  • Formalize a maintenance management program to use as a base for budget preparation
  • Analyze potential business and service opportunities 

Strategy Two

To create and maintain long term cooperative alliances with qualified entities involved in lake management activities within the Delavan Lake watershed.


  • Investigate partnerships and alliances to accomplish significant watershed projects
  • Improve the working relationship with the Town of Delavan
  • Meet with various businesses to learn about possible public-private sector opportunities around lake management activities.
  • Determine a long term plan with USGS

Strategy Three

To develop and sustain an effective, professional business culture with a focus on excellence in performance and in all aspects of communication and customer service.


  • Provide internal and external customer service training for the staff
  • Educate and inform customers and the general public on District programs and activities
  • Update the organizational chart and all job descriptions