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Aquatic Plant Harvesting, Background and Current Plan Updates

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The Delavan Lake Sanitary District has been responsible for the performance and management of the mechanical harvesting of nuisance aquatic plants in Delavan Lake since 1997. In 2002 the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) implemented new regulations which required DLSD to apply for and obtain a NR 109 permit for these harvesting operations. As a part of this permitting process we are required to submit a report on the harvesting operations conducted each season.

Each year the Delavan Lake Sanitary District contracts with an Aquatic Plant Specialist to perform an Aquatic Plant Survey of Delavan Lake. \

The first Aquatic Plant Management Plan was developed for Delavan Lake in 1993 with the assistance and approval of WDNR. The goal of this plan was to preserve the aquatic systems that included water quality, fisheries and wildlife, while minimizing the conditions resulting from aquatic nuisances, and to preserve and maintain recreational uses of Delavan Lake. The plan included mechanical harvesting and chemical treatments to minimize nuisance conditions and regular monitoring of changes within the aquatic plant communities which would provide guidance for the future harvesting program.

In 2002 a comprehensive lake management plan was completed for Delavan Lake. This planning report was prepared by the Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) and funded in part by a lake planning grant from WDNR. This report contained a revised Aquatic Plant Management Plan which was reviewed and adopted by the DLSD Commission as its official plan for lake management activities on Delavan Lake.

  Weed Harvesting Crew 2017

Weed Harvesting Crew 2017



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2017 Planning Study - Brown's Channel Tributary Park
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An Aquatic Plant Management Plan Update for Delavan Lake 2017
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Aquatic Plant Harvesting Permit 2017
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Aquatic Plant Harvesting Permit 2018
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Aquatic Plant Harvesting Report 2017
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Harvesting Permit 2012-2016
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2018 Healthy Lakes Initiative
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Value of a Clean & Healthy Lake
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Chemical Aquatic Plant Permit 2016
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Aquatic Plant Harvesting Report 2016
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