Watershed Overview

 Town of Delavan Watershed Plan


As Delavan Lake is a drainage lake, everything that takes place in the Delavan Lake Watershed has either a direct or an indirect affect on our lake environment and water quality. The surface area of Delavan Lake is approximately 2000 acres. The watershed area is about 26,000 acres 


The Delavan Lake Sanitary District is a founding member of Delavan Lake WIN, a new collaboration of organizations dedicated to protecting Delavan Lake from storm water, industrial and agricultural pollution.

For the past four decades, the Delavan region has taken monumental steps to protect Delavan Lake, the heart of our community. In order to maintain the accomplishments of the past, we must work to protect and improve the water quality entering the lake from the lands and streams of its watershed.

Delavan Lake is subjected to its fair share of pollution from stormwater, development and agriculture. A polluted lake seriously threatens the economic vitality of the region as a recreational resource and regional destination.

Our jobs, property values and economic stability depend on a healthy lake and it is going to take a region-wide cooperative effort to protect it.  We joined the newly formed Delavan Lake WIN to solve the problems facing our lake.

Our region is blessed with responsible community leaders, local officials, county, state and federal employees and dedicated volunteer and environmental organizations. But these individuals and organizations cannot protect our lake alone. Only a diverse, engaged and active coalition that shares resources, ideas, expertise and connections can make the difference. Delavan Lake WIN members all contribute unique skills and resources that make the network strong and effective. Together we have created a network that increases each member's capacity and individual effectiveness.

Delavan Lake WIN is necessary and important as a way to connect, enhance and do more for the lake than any one group or leader can do on its own. Delavan Lake WIN considers all aspects of the region's needs and habits to attain healthy and sustainable water quality that meets the needs of the surrounding human and ecological community. We use a watershed approach to attain healthy and sustainable water quality that meets the needs of the surrounding human and ecological community. Delavan Lake WIN's diverse membership works collaboratively to implement a comprehensive Delavan Lake watershed plan by organizing, prioritizing, coordinating and monitoring land management and outreach activities.

With the combined efforts of an active network like Delavan Lake Win, we can achieve greater improvements and protections for our region's people, economies and environment.

Delavan Lake WIN is managed by the Kettle Moraine Land Trust (KMLT). Maggie Zoellner, the KMLT Program Manager, acts as the Network manager and facilitator.

The following organizations have been invited to join Delavan Lake WIN:

City of Delavan
City of Elkhorn
Delavan Lake Improvement Association
Delavan Lake Sanitary District
USDA - Farm Service Agency
Kettle Moraine Land Trust
Natural Resources Conservation Service--USDA
Southeastern WI Regional Planning Commission
Town of Delavan
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Lakes
UW Extension
Walworth County
Walworth County Association of Lakes



DNR Watershed Management