Near Lake Watershed

This portion of the total watershed is comprised of those properties adjacent to or very near Delavan Lake. Conditions on these properties have a direct effect on our lake.

Detailed information on the characteristics of this near lake watershed will be coming soon.

The rate and composition of runoff from these sites are some of the issues that will be discussed as well as potential remedies and creative approaches to protecting our lake and the lake environment.


No, it isn't just a hole in the ground; it is a combination subsurface storm water storage and rain garden.

For a number of years the Delavan Lake Sanitary District site has experienced flooding during heavy or prolonged rainfall events.  We also have a significant amount of impervious roof and parking area, which causes storm water runoff within, and from the site at an excessive rate...a rate that is beyond that which can be handled by the local drainage system.

The system, which has been constructed in front of the District offices, will alleviate this problem.  It will contain a substantial volume of storm water runoff during heavy rainfall periods as well as treat and infiltrate much of the water, which currently runs off the property.

With our close proximity to Delavan Lake, any water, which we can retain on our property, will reduce the amount of sediment-laden runoff, which flows to the Lake.


Rain Garden Construction Progress:


Sod removal
Sod Removal

Shrub relocation
Shrub Relocation

Clean slate
Clean Slate

The work begins
The Work Begins

Arrival of our three Serviceberry trees
Arrival of our three Serviceberry Trees

Planting begins at rear of office

Planting Begins at Rear of Office

The new trees go in the ground
The New Trees go in the Ground

The New Trees go in the Ground

The clean up crew
The Clean-Up Crew

Progress on the hole
Progress on the Hole

Progress on the Hole

Placement of rock for storm water storage
Placement of Rock for Storm Water Storage

Placement of Rock for Storm Water Storage

Drain rock covered with planting mix
Drain Rock Covered with Planting Mix

Continued placement of planting mix
Continued Placement of Planting Mix

Final erosion control mat placement
Final Erosion Control Mat Placement

In the Spring, the final planting will take place, which will consist of Wisconsin hardy native plants, which are suited to rain garden applications.  These plant varieties will be selected from a list provided by the Designers/Contractors for the project:  Creative Edge Landscaping from Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  Once the final plantings are placed next Spring, the folks from Creative Edge will maintain the system for two years until everything is established.

We will be monitoring the storage aspect of the project over the next few months to see how it works.  And we will be looking forward to Spring when the final planting will take place.

I you have any questions, please contact our office and someone will be able to give you any detailed information that you wish.  262 728-4100


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