General Information

2023 Weed Harvesting Crew

2023 Weed Harvesting Crew

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the pier pick up dates?


DLSD will again pick up aquatic plants left at the end of piers.  Property owners are required to call 728-4100 before the scheduled pick up dates and request a pick up.  Requests may be left in the DLSD general voicemail box.  Please leave your name, address and pier number.  Pick up of only aquatic plant material will take place on the dates listed below.  Do not include trash, garbage or any other debris in the pile left at the end of your pier.  Our weed harvesting crews will not pick up piles which contain any materials other than aquatic plants.  ***We limit to 10 minutes per pier***

Pick up for the Main Lake will be on Mondays starting at 6:00 am.

Pick up for the Inlet and Outlet will be on Tuesdays starting at 6:00 am.

Pick up dates:

Mondays - June 10 & 24 July 8 & 22, August 5

Tuesdays - June 11 & 25, July 9 & 23, August 6

(all dates are weather conditions permitting)

Pier pick up is no longer available after these dates due to limited staffing conditions.

When does the Mechanical Harvesting start?

Our plans for mechanical harvesting remain much the same as past years.  We intend to launch our harvesting equipment the week of May 20th and begin the initial harvesting of plants in the access channels at that time.  DNR regulations prohibit us from harvesting anything more than access channels until after June 15th.  After June 15th we will harvest all areas of the lake as conditions warrant.

(all dates are weather permitting)

What qualifies as aquatic plant material?

Aquatic plant material is defined as plants that have adapted to living permanently saturated in water.  This excludes terrestrial plants, which are those that grow on, in, or from land.

What can homeowners do about weed growth?

We have received questions from residents regarding what they can do about weed growth along their shorelines and around their docks.  We contacted Heidi Bunk, Lakes Biologist with the DNR, to get their official stance on this situation.

Pellet Use - Heidi has informed us that pellet use requires an NR 107 permit which only allows the homeowner to apply to a maximum of 0.25 acres themselves.  Applying pellets to more than 0.25 acres requires a certified applicator with the DATCP certification.  In addition, the NR 107 permit application requires the homeowner to be able to identify the plants, which also ensures the correct product will be purchased and applied.

Weed Removal Companies - We asked Heidi if weed removal companies could be contracted by homeowners to remove the weeds.  Heidi stated that if the weed removal companies use ONLY manual means (no motorized help at all) AND are not located in a sensitive area (see map below under Relavant Documents), a maximum of 30 feet along the shoreline and a maximum of 100 feet from shore may be hand removed without  permit.