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Lake Manager Position Opening


Delavan Lake Sanitary District is seeking a full-time Lake Operations Manager as Charlie who is currently in that position will be retiring in January of 2024.  Please see the job description below If you or someone you know is interested in applying for this position.  Lake Operations Manager Position

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Release of Wild Celery


This time of year, Wild Celery will release from the bottom of the lake to repopulate to different areas of the lake.  If you look, some of the plants still have their roots attached.  They always end up on the wind driven side of the lake.  As a side note, DLSD has not had our harvesters cutting on the main lake in the past two weeks.  All they have been doing is skimming the weed mats off the top of the water.

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New mesh has been installed on harvester #81.  The new mesh is designed to do a better job picking up algae and duckweed.  Please go to the Delavan Lake Sanitary Facebook page to watch the video of the harvester in action.

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Tis the season for Purple Loosestrife - be on the lookout


Below is a link for more information on control and removal of this invasive species.

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Due to the hot weather this week and calm winds today, areas of the lake are experiencing excessive filamentous green algae and blue-green algae outbreaks.  People should avoid these areas when swimming and boating.  Small children and dogs should be supervised to ensure they don't risk possible ingestion.  Please see the Town of Delavan website for additional information.

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