Sanitary District Boundary Map

The Delavan Lake Sanitary District was formed to provide for the collection of sewage from residences around the lake and transport to the Walworth County Metropolitan Sewerage District (Walcomet) for treatment.  The installation of this system was designed to eliminate septic tank leachate from entering Delavan Lake and contributing to the poor lake water quality, which had been experienced for many years.

The collection system consists of gravity collection systems carrying the sewage to low points and Lift Stations around the lake where the sewage is pumped through a pressure force main to either gravity trunk lines or another pumping facility and eventually to the Walcomet system.

The entire DLSD system consists of about 55 miles of gravity and force mains, 13 lift stations and a network of other system components that allow us to monitor and maintain the system.  Inspections and repairs are continuous as most of the system is almost 40 years old.


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Sanitary District Boundary Map