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Installation of the forcemain piping is complete.  There is some remaining project work that is primarily restoration and other minor appurtenance work to be done.  Please keep in mind that scheduling of this work is weather dependant.  Thank you for your patience throughout the project.



The force main piping is complete at the lakefront and Gill Court area.  On Monday, February 10, 2020, the contractor will be conducting the final connections to the existing force main on Manor Lane.  The portion of Manor Lane between Orchard  and Meadowlark is scheduled to be closed from 6:30am to 6:00pm  to complete this work.  There will be other minor site activities and restoration after completion of this work.


Work will resume on Gill Court starting January 16, 2020 first thing in the morning.


Installation of the force main has commenced.  They will be working through December 20th with a brief break for the Holiday with work potentially to resume December 30, 2019.


During the week of December 9th, staking should be completed.  Reesman's Excavating & Grading will resume with site work and begin installing the force main soon thereafter.


The contractor is in the process of cutting the electrical lines crossing the sanitary sewer easement for the force main project.  Please DO NOT RE-ENERGIZE the circuit(s).

Installation of silt fencing/erosion control is to start toward the end of this week/beginning of next week and any fencing in the easement will be removed during that time.period.  Tree and brush clearing is scheduled to start early next week as well.

Please be sure to clear your easement ASAP of items listed in the letter.  Fencing, brick pavers and landscaping are just a few examples of what you may want to save.  If you have any electrical circuits running through the easement, please disconnect or de-energize the circuit(s) to help protect from injury and property damage.

Please continue to check the website for updates.